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How To Get An Emotional Support Animal Letter?

Did you know that you can legally live with your pet without paying pet deposit fees? You can also fly with your pets seated next to you. The interest in the use of pets as a form of therapy is an all-time high, however, to be able to keep an emotional support animal with you all the time and also fly with them, you need an ESA letter i.e. emotional support animal letter.

What is an ESA letter?
As ESA letter is a recommendation letter from certified mental health professionals who attests that you need the companionship of your pet. An ESA letter is the only difference between a regular pet and an emotional support animal. The FHA and CAA act protect the interest of ESA in the United States. There are two areas where emotional support animals are covered under federal ESA law. Following the section 504 of the rehabilitation act, 1973 and the FederalFair Housing Amendment, a housing provider may not deny a reasonable accommodation request because that person is uncertain about whether or not the person seeking have a disability or disability-related need for an assistance animal.

How to qualify for an ESA letter?
Any disabilities that are mentioned in the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders such as learning disability, attention deficit disability, anxiety disorder, depression disorder, etc. However, it is unfortunate that when anything becomes popular, many people try to cash out on the trend. ESA letters are no exception to this ironic fact. It is now possible to apply for an ESA letter online but there are many online sites which provide fake ESA recommendation and don’t have a physical clinic.

Hence, an emotional support animal letter helps you to stay with your pets and travel anywhere you want of your choice. You can easily apply for an ESA letter by spotting out valid and legal sites.

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