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TryThe Best Television Services With IPTV Business Plan

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television is the new technology that is taking over the traditional cable and satellite broadcast. The digital service of television is delivered to the client over an internet protocol technology. The consumers can request and receive the TV shows of their choice and that content will be delivered through internet protocol or IP and not by cable or satellite.

Types of services of Internet Protocol Television
Not just transmitting classic TV channels but IPTV provides the following services:
• VOD or Video on Demand: It allows delivery of content to the individual subscriber and allows the user to watch the content of their own choice
• Near Video on Demand: It is the feature of pay per view kind of service for multiple users who subscribe to nVoD service
• TV on Demand: This feature allows the users to watch selected channels and programs whenever they want
• Live television: The feature to watch live programs with or even without current broadcasting TV shows
IPTV reseller provides content to the customer which is another content altogether. This technology is changing the scenario of entertainment gradually by giving advantages over the conventional method of watching television.

What are the Subscriptions available
Many companies offer IPTV subscriptions. All you need to do is buy IPTV subscription and enjoy them. The most important feature of an IPTV is customized channels. Yes. Many companies offer customized subscription offers for channels and various categories like sports, English movies, comedy channels, music, and entertainment. You can subscribe to the needed category just like recharging your mobile phone every month. You can also change this subscription if you need to change them.

IPTV business plan has the feature of storing the programs on the server at the transmitting end which the users can watch anytime they want. In simple language, it can be compared to surfing the internet for your videos, unlike traditional channel surfing.