How mobile technology increases productivity and ability to do more with less

More using less does not mean that mobile technology goes for smaller budgets or fewer people in businesses. It denotes that the technology makes it easily accessible for businesses, irrespective of sizes, to utilize the tools that are required to start the operations, thereby speeding up growth.

From employee payment to time tracking software to downloadable apps, back-office tasks are simplified. E-chatting and file sharing can be merged into the cloud. Mobile technology makes businesses to use less physical resources to do the necessary tasks in running the day to day activities.
Most organizations have embraced integrative systems that are cloud-based such as Google Suite, Dropbox, WordPress and Intuit software, for the advantage they provide. The mobile technology has really streamlined operations, reducing the costs of starting a new business 1000 times than it was at the beginning of the 2000s before the revolution of mobile happened.
Increase in productivity
With mobile technology, employees will be able to do a lot of work in less time. With mobile applications and software liberating them from the time consuming tasks of yesterday, the attention can be redirected by the personnel to value adding, higher order activities. It is the kind that can ensure that the business propels to a higher competitive advantage.
With mobile technology:
• The integration in the workplace will be able to save the organization about 7 hours per employee weekly.
• They were using mobile devices and smartphones for purposes of work end to increase the productivity of the employee based on the type of device they are using and their user-friendliness and familiarity.
• A remote employee survey found out that those who are in a position to work from home are more likely to work extra hours and perform extra asks out of their immediate domain to assist others and improve the organization’s performance.

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